Fluoride – Your Families Best Defence

Fluoride is the best cavity fighter you can find as you guide your family to a lifetime of bright smiles! It keeps the whole family’s teeth strong no matter what their age.


How fluoride works

Every day the enamel on teeth is attacked by acids produced in dental plaque. These acids can erode through the enamel and result in decay. That is where fluoride comes in. As it reaches your teeth, fluoride is absorbed into the enamel. It helps to repair the enamel and prevent tooth decay. It can even help stop the decay process. You can get the benefits of fluoride from a variety of sources . It works on the outside of your teeth. At home you should brush with fluoride toothpaste twice a day. Fluoride rinses can also provide additional protection. Your dentist can also apply fluoride to your teeth in the surgery.


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